A visit by Lecturers from Pavol Juzef Safarik University ( The Slovak Republic)

Prof. Renata Bzdilova (front centre)

JKUAT University Librarian (Dr. Roselyne Mangira) received delegation from Pavol Juzef Safarik University in Kosice, the Slovak Republic. The delegation was led by Renata Bzdilova, an assistant professor of Political Sciences. Prof. Bzdilova specializes in theory of democracy, democratization processes and election system. The visitors were introduced to the Lbrary management Committee members (Deputy University Librarians, Library Administrator and Heads of Sections) in the Main Library Boardroom.

The main objective of the visit was to familiarize with JKUAT University teaching programmes and in particular College of Health Sciences Programmes.

During her visit in the Library Prof. Bzdilova highlighted some of the areas in which her university collaborates with JKUAT. The areas highlighted include:

  • Student exchange programes
  • Staff exchange programmes etc.

The delegation will be in Kenya until 11th November 2018 when they will be expected to travel back to Slovak Republic

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