Librarian’s Message


Dr. Roselyn Mangira University Librarian(Services)

Dr. Roselyn Mangira University Librarian(Services)

The Outgoing University Librarian, Mr. Wanyama, University Librarian in Charge of programmes, Dr. Gatero, the Deputy University Librarian, heads of sections, fellow librarians, ladies and gentlemen:-

Let me on the on set take this opportunity to thank the almighty God for His grace and care that has enabled us to meet today. My next gratitude goes to our employer, the Council and the University Management members for granting me an appointment through a competitive recruitment process to serve this institution as a university librarian.

It is my humble pleasure to join with you in this noble task of information provision and management as we serve our esteemed library customers who have diverse information needs, varied information seeking behaviour and very high expectations from us in meeting their research and teaching information needs. I hope my coming to JKUAT will be a blessing to all as we utilise our varied expertise to serve our clients as they build their careers for the development of our future as a nation.

I am convicted in my heart that this is my rightful place and position to serve not only in this university, but humanity at large. All of us must be privy to the many challenges that we face as a profession while trying to deliver services to our clientele who are increasingly demanding for excellent services even with limited resources.