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  1. I am a post graduate student from JKUAT-kisumu, travelled to sample the library and especially the post graduate research section. The thesis are not organized and it can take someone some time before getting the necessary info. I am also not impressed by the library internet. I cant use the internet, so much inconviniencing..the general layout of the library is fine.

    • Hi Pamela. Thanks for this feedback. If you tried to use the internet yesterday, it sure had a problem. This was caused by a power interruption that affected the whole university yesterday. Please feel free to try using the internet the next time you come to the main Campus.
      On the thesis issue, was the problem with the physical thesis or the online ones found on our IR? Kindly let us know so we can know where to channel the feedback for action. If you are interested in a specific thesis, kindly let me know so i can see if i can get the soft copy for you.

  2. hi, I had applied for a diploma course in human resource development at Jkuat Karen. I am asking if you guys are offering it so that I can transfer my details as soon as possible. thanks in advance

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