Dr George Gatero

Dr. George M. Gatero -University Librarian (Academic Programmes)

Name: Dr. George M.Gatero (PhD)

E-mail address: ggatero@yahoo.co.uk or ggatero@jkuat.ac.ke

Present Position: Deputy University Librarian (Technical Services)

Education Qualification: BSc (Nairobi), MSc (Loughborough, UK); PhD (Moi).

Experience Dr. Gatero has a long experience in library management starting way back in 1987 as a senior library assistant in the University of Nairobi. He served as a librarian and a senior librarian in various colleges of the University of Nairobi before joining JKUAT library in 2010. Dr. Gatero also has a wide experience in teaching of both the undergraduate and postgraduate students in various departments of the University of Nairobi, majoring mainly in the areas of information literacy and communication skills. He is actively involved in supervising and mentoring of postgraduate students in the areas of information communication and knowledge management.

Research interests: Information and Communication Management, Knowledge Management, Information Literacy, Agricultural information, Library Technical Services.


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