Participants during training of JKUAT COHES teaching staff

Participants during training of JKUAT COHES teaching staff

The electronic information resources training targeting all JKUAT teaching and research staff kicked off on 4th June 2015. The first college targeted was COHES. The college has five schools. These are Schools of Public Health, Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences. The turn up was well beyond the facilitators’ expectations. This must have been courtesy of aggressive marketing of the event by Mr. Jack Mongera, the College Coordinator for the event.

Dr. D. Kikuvi, Dean, School of Public Health made the opening


One of the participants being rewarded for a question well answered

remarks on behalf of Professor Haroun Mengech who joined the participants later in the day. The Dean felt that the workshop was timely and would go a long way in updating the participants on research done by other researchers and existing gaps. He noted that the program looked very rich.

Dr. Roselyne Mangira, the JKUAT University Librarian gave an overview of the workshop’s expectations. She took the opportunity to update participants on new Board of Postgraduate Studies requirement for thesis.

The program began with a presentation from the University Librarian on an overview of the JKUAT electronic resources. Dr Patrick Mbindyo took participants through the importance of publishing in high impact journals. He observed that it may be prudent to publish in journals where your work can be easily accessed which may lead to higher citations for your article.

A section of the participants during the training

A section of the participants during the training

Mr Kipkorir Sang, the Chairman of the Research Consultancy and Training (RCT)Department took participants through the benefits of having a google scholar account. RCT is one of the departments in the JKUAT ICT Directorate. Google scholar is a search engine that searches for scholarly literature. He demonstrated how to track your citations with a google scholar account. By the end of the session, participants had created google scholar accounts. Having JKUAT researchers on google scholar accounts will ultimately raise our web ranking as a university and your personal research profile. He also introduced participants to the metrics used in measuring the impact of research articles and journals.

Ms. Miriam Ndungu who heads the Digital Services Section gave a demo on advanced searching of the e-resources. Of particular interest was the off campus access link that allows all our staff and students to access all our resources from whatever location they are at. Lecturers were shown how to view and browse the lists of e-books and journals available in our digital library. This would be useful in making their reading lists and references when curriculum development. Participants were amazed at the wealth of resources available in the JKUAT digital library.

Dr Roselyne Mangira appreciating Dr. G. Kikuvi for representing the principal COHES

Dr Roselyne Mangira appreciating Dr. G. Kikuvi for representing the principal COHES

Dr Mangira gave an overview of plagiarism and referencing tools. Mr. Richard Midigo who is the Library’s Systems Librarian then gave demos on Viper Antiplagiarism Scanner and Mendeley Referencing tool which is a software that helps manage ones references. These demos generated a lot of excitement and interest. Participants were urged to explore these free research tools that have the potential to make their research experience easier, faster and better.

Participants had the opportunity to give feedback on the training. We anticipate that the feedback will help us make the training better in line with QMS requirement of continuous improvement.

A section of the participants

A section of the participants

Mr Mwangi Matheri gave the vote of thanks. He commended the facilitators for the good presentations. He noted that the participants seemed very conversant with their content. He urged fellow participants to make use of the knowledge endowed to them.

Other Colleges will be trained as follows:


COHRED:                                  12th June 2015

COPAS & IEET:                         22nd June 2015

Faculty of Agric. and IBR:      29th June 2015

SABS:                                          1st July 2015

COETEC:                                    8th and 10th July 2015





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