E-resources training for undergraduate students

Quality research, learning and teaching can only be achieved through access to information. It is the library’s mandate to ensure the JKUAT community has access to information. In addition to the rich collection of books in the library, JKUAT library avails databases of electronic information sources in form of electronic journals and books through the library website at http://jkuat.ac.ke/departments/library/. It is however one thing to avail the resources and quite another to have optimal benefits from them. In recognition of this fact, the JKUAT library gives training on issues such accessing the e-resources,  advanced search skills, evaluation of the resources for authoritativeness and citing and referencing of electronic resources. The training also creates awareness of the different databases of information available together with any necessary access details such as passwords.

Through the training we hope to further improve the quality of research carried out in JKUAT. The development of effective search skills will enable our clients to quickly locate relevant information and avoid the frustration of being overwhelmed by hundreds of irrelevant search results. The library will be having a training session for undergraduate students every Friday from 2pm in the library postgraduate ICT lab. The training is also carried out on request by the relevant lecturers.  Please contact the library on library@jkuat.ac.ke for more information

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