JKUAT is pleased to announce the 2015 Call for Proposals for the Innovation Fund. The purpose of the fund is to support the application of new ideas and skills in turning research results into tangible innovations. The innovation could include the up-scaling of new products, technologies, processes and services and bringing them closer to the market for accelerated industrial and socio-economic development in the country; setting up demonstration for adoption of innovative technologies; pilot testing project products arising from adoption of innovative technologies and processes, etc. Emphasis will be on projects whose objective is to demonstrate clearly results and/or outputs with high potential for commercialization. The proposals should demonstrate knowledge and alignment to the current national development themes and agenda as outlined in Vision 2030, National Industrialization Policy, the National Agricultural Development Policy and MDGs among others.


  1. Drugs and Disease Control – innovations that will boost disease control and cures for humans, animals and plant life.
  2. Food Security and Value Addition – Development of innovative Food Processing Technologies; value addition technologies, development of high quality seeds, planting materials and other inputs for farmers. Development of seed banks, permaculture; developing value chains of indigenous and drought resistant animals and crops that improve food security.
  3. Infrastructure Development- Development and Diffusion of new products, processes and services that will improve infrastructure.
  4. Development of Machinery- Development and Improvement of machinery, tools and equipment for industrialization & enhanced productivity.
  5. Technology Transfer- development of comparative methods and systems for transfer of technologies.
    ICT- Development of Soft & Hardwares in computer, telecommunication & engineering sciences.
  6. Biodiversity Conservation – Development and conservation of plant, animal and microbial biodiversity for sustainable exploitation.
  7. Energy and Environment- Development of energy and environment technologies for sustainability

The proposal budget should not exceed Kshs. 1.5 Million per year. Each proposal will be funded for a maximum period of 3 years based on progress reports, Monitoring and Evaluation Sub-committee recommendations, and recommendations from Innovation, Production Committee of the University Senate. The successful applicants are expected to adhere to their approved budget, work plan and expected project completion date.

Eligible applicants will be individuals or innovation teams comprising;
• Project Coordinator; who MUST be a JKUAT staff member.
• Project Collaborators; who may be JKUAT staff members or any other person from industry or any other relevant institution.
• The Innovation Team where applicable should be multidisciplinary, demonstrating an integrated pool of talents and capabilities; with social and business actors to turn knowledge into value for development of innovations that can be commercialized. The proposal must be signed /endorsed by all the innovation team members.
• Staff members with on-going JKUAT funded innovation projects need not apply.
• Proposals for Research should not be submitted under this call.
• Applicants MUST demonstrate that they have time to undertake the project.

This announcement and proposal application forms can be downloaded from the JKUAT website. Applicants should submit a soft copy of the completed application form to E mail: on or before 4pm on Tuesday September, 15 2015. Applications submitted after this deadline will not be accepted.
For Further Information please contact: Tel: 067-52556/52711 Ext 6216/ 3243.
E mail:

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