Title/Qualifications: PhD in Public Health (University of the Witwatersrand), MSc in Social Policy and Planning in Developing Countries (London School of Economics), BA (hons) in Sociology and Geography (Kenyatta University)

Email Address: pmbindyo@jkuat.ac.ke
Office Extn: 3209

Area of Specialization: Public Health

Research Interests: Human Resources for Health, Public Health,Sociology.

He Organizes the University’s Annual Scientific Conference and manages its Journal (JAGST- )

Has undertaken consultancy work in human resources for health, reproductive health, malaria (bed nets & malaria rapid diagnostic tests),water and sanitation for organizations such as IMA World Health, AMREF Kenya, IntraHealth Kenya, PSI Kenya, fhi360 and CHF International.

Other Memberships:

  • Chair of JKUAT’s Resource Mobilization Committee


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