M. M. kaibui    

Dr. M. Kaibui, Ag. HoD, Linkages

Linkages Department
The Linkages Department was established in order to coordinate all the collaborative activities initiated from both within and outside the university. The Department is currently headed by Dr. M. Kaibui.

Department’s Overall Objective
To strengthen and expand collaboration and partnership with industry and other organization.

In line with JKUAT quality policy, the Linkages Department is committed to providing quality service to its customers both locally and internationally. The DVC, Registrar, (RPE) and Linkages Senate committee are the authorities referred for approval of linkages activities.

Some Current Ongoing Projects/Initiatives
Over the last two quarters, the following MoUs have been signed:

Copperbelt University of Zambia – signed on 23rd September 2013
The collaboration was spearheaded by the College of Engineering and Technology.

Areas of collaboration

  • Sharing of physical facilities
  • Institutional capacity building
  • Student training and attachment
  • Staff exchange and sabbaticals
  • Exchange of professional information
  • Collaboration in production of teaching materials
  • Information dissemination
  • Publications

Lanzhou University
The collaboration was spearheaded by Faculty of Agriculture signed in September 2013
Areas of collaboration.

  • Project management and implementation
  • Sharing of physical facilities
  • Staff exchange and attachment
  • Student training and attachment
  • Research, innovation and technology development
  • Joint publications
  • Intellectual property governance

Polimat signed on 27th September 2013
The collaboration was spearheaded by the Faculty of Agriculture.
CE PoliMaT is a non-profit center of Excellence for polymer materials and technologies, established in 2010, by a group of business entities and academic institutions. Its mission is to ensure commercialization of research excellence into high value added products and services in high-tech niche markets thereby supporting job creation and economic development. The HQ of the CE PoliMaT is in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Areas of Collaboration

  • Cooperation by establishment, institutional capacity building and development of working programs of ABCe, prepared as the Biopolymer Programme Africa.
  • Research Agenda:
    • Preparing a Research Agenda that adresses the overall and specific objectives of this MoU.
    • Establish projects on the use of biopolymer materials and technologies in agriculture and healthcare.
  • Joint projects:
    • Strengthen the technical capacity in JKUAT through ABCe activities.
    • Conduct joint R&D projects in Biopolymer Programme Africa and its Research Agenda.
  • Facilitation of cooperation:
    • Exploring the viability of using the Parties’ networks as a gateway for scientific, technological and business cooperation between CE PoliMaT and JKUAT.
    • Explore funding opportunities for joint activities.
  • Network:
    • Develop strong network of fairness and industry to assure implementation of innovation in practice.

Flensburg University of Applied Science signed on 11th November 2013
The collaboration was initiated by Department of Information Technology.  Flensburg University of Applied Science is an institution of higher training institution whose mandate is teaching and research established by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Federal State of Schleswig – Holstein.
Areas of Collaboration

  • Curriculum development
  • Faculty/staff exchange
  • Student exchange
  • Joint research and materials exchange

Nairobi County Government signed on 6th February 2014
The collaboration was initiated by SABS.

Areas of collaboration

  • Collaboration in the management and implementation of projects
  • Sharing of physical facilities
  • Exchange and dissemination of information
  • Joint Exhibitions, Conferences and Seminars
  • Consultancy
  • Intellectual property governance

Slovak University of Agriculture, Nitra signed 14th February 2014
The collaboration was initiated by the Faculty of Agriculture.

Areas of collaboration

  • Joint research activities and publications in scientific journals of both universities
  • Exchange of faculty teachers and staff , exchange of students
  • Participation in seminars, conferences and academic meetings , use of videoconferences
  • Special short-term academic programmes
  • Development of virtual study modules
  • Exchange of methodology, teaching materials and documents
  • Preparation of double degree programs

Kenya Aeronautical College signed in December 2013
The collaboration was initiated by the College of Engineering and Technology.

Areas of Collaboration

  • Sharing of physical facilities
  • Institutional capacity building
  • Student and staff training and attachment
  • Short course training
  • Information exchange and dissemination
  • Research, innovations and technology development
  • Technology transfer
  • Outsourcing

Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) signed on 19th November 2013
The collaboration was initiated by the Directorate of Industrial Liaison.

Areas of collaboration
Operate a Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC) at JKUAT. The centre will provide a ready pool of science and technical experts with competence to conduct patent search and patent drafting as well as assist in patent prosecution and benefit from the IP capacity-building interventions of KIPI and WIPO which will ultimately result in increased IP creation, protection and commercialization in the local community.

Kenya Agricultural Productivity and Agribusiness Project signed on October 2013
The collaboration was initiated by RPE, Extension Department.

Areas of collaboration

  • Development of training curricula for selected value chains mainly focusing on appropriate processing technologies and business management.
  • Piloting implementation of the developed curricula.
  • Business incubation.

Kenya Airways
Initiated by SHRD

Areas of collaboration
Training in post graduate programmes. Training scheduled to start in May 2014.