Poultry farming is one of the most promising agribusiness ventures in Kenya. The Production Directorate in RPE has recently ventured into poultry meat production as an Income Generating Unit as well as a training facility.  The Unit is selling about five (500) broiler chicken for meat to the University Catering Unit and the local community.  The Unit anticipates to upscale production inorder to serve markets beyond JKUAT.  The chicken meat is sold at Kshs.340/- per kilo and sales are in cash and check off system.

Apart from poultry meat production, the Directorate also rears pigs for slaughter and offers pork at Kshs.300/- once a week.  Milk is available at Kshs.50/- per litre on a daily basis.  Also for sale are farm produce like kales, carrots and green maize when in season.

Members of staff are encouraged to be consumers of the JKUAT products and also give their comments/suggestions on various ways of improving our production.