uppal_picAlthough interest in numbers is as old as civilization itself, much about them is still not understood, and some of the oldest and most elementary sounding problems concerning them are still unsolved. A peculiarity of the number theory is that while its major theorems can often be stated in terms that anyone can understand, their proofs – where they exist – require deep, complex mathematics. Despite great advances made in mathematics over the last forty centuries, it is crystal-clear that mathematicians are nowhere close to understanding the integers, let alone other kinds of numbers.
Can numbers be finally conquered? It appears that it will take one million years at least before even prime numbers are finally understood!  One undoubtedly comes to the conclusion that ‘the world of numbers is really fascinating.

JKUAT invites staff, students and the general public to a public lecture by Professor Surindar M. Uppal [B.A. (Hons.), M.A., B.T., (Punjab), Ph.D., (Kenyatta.), EBS (Kenya) ] of Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics on the topic ‘The World Of Numbers is Really Fascinating!’ to be held on  Thursday, 31st March 2016, 1400hrs – 1600hrs at New Science Theatre II, JKUAT, Main Campus – JUJA