BPS Strategic Objectives

  1. To increase number of postgraduate admissions by 10% annually.
  2. To increase graduation rate of postgraduate students by 10% annually.
  3. To determine per every quarter that all postgraduate programs on and off campus complies with policies and requirements established by the University and external agencies.
  4. To conduct a full review of the University’s postgraduate examination and the supporting policies and processes annually.


S/No Environmental Aspect Objective Activities Resources required Responsible person Duration Criteria for evaluation
1. Energy use To reduce energy consumption -Use of energy saving bulbs

-Create awareness on energy conservation


Nil Director, BPS 30th June, 2021 No. of awareness creation meetings & no. of bulbs replaced.
2. Solid waste general & disposal To reduce  generation of waste paper


-Sensitization of staff and students on paper use reduction measures.

-Emailing of soft copies of thesis instead of sending printouts to the examiners.

-Recycling of used papers where applicable.

-Proof reading documents before printing.

-Printing back to back where applicable.

400,000.00 Director, BPS 30th June, 2021 Number of printing paper reams utilized.
3. Water use To reduce  water consumption -Reduce leakages by ensuring prompt response to plumbing problems.

-Installation of water conservation taps

Nil Director, BPS 30th June, 2021 Number of conservation taps installed.
4. Asbestos To remove asbestos from BPS offices Make a request to the DVC (Administration) to have the asbestos removed. Nil Director, BPS 30th June, 2021 Memo to the DVC, Admin