The Innovation Centre for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (iCMoB) is uniquely designed to engender understanding of molecular predisposition of biological activity among micro-organisms, human, plants and animals. With this understanding, it will be possible to pioneer home-grown solutions to a wide array of human needs in core areas such as health and agriculture.

iCMoB is currently undertaking a number of research activities by staff and students of JKUAT and PAUSTI with the ultimate aim to be an innovative hub for new drugs, vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutic solutions. The centre is home to cutting edge tools and equipment like the PCR machine.

In order to benefit more people and amplify its impact and relevance, iCMoB will mount short training courses to participants drawn from the region in thematic areas.

As is the practice with the rest of the centres under AFRICA-ai- JAPAN project, iCMoB is already undertaking targeted exchange programmes with Japanese research institutions and universities. This is calculated to equip the staff with global worldview of trends in the thematic areas besides facilitation benchmarking and cross cultural learning.