The Innovation Centre for Product Development and Commercialization (iPDeC) is one of the five centers of the AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project. The center serves as a link point for iPIC, iCB, iCMoB and iCEOD. It was established with the objective of facilitating up-scaling of innovations technologies at JKUAT and PAUSTI to translate into products for economic and social impact. The centre serves as an avenue to identify business potential of innovations Products that exist within the two institutions and provide way forward of engaging private and public entities in the commercialization process. The overall goal is to ensure innovations achieve the desired outcomes for the economic growth of Kenya.


Innovation Products have been identified with potential for commercialization in various thematic areas:-

  1. Machinery Development,
  2. Drug and Disease Control,
  3. Food Security,
  4. Value Addition.


The activities that iPDeC is involved include;

  1. Identification of Innovation products for commercialization.
  2. Facilitate innovations product profiling.
  3. Facilitate feasibility study for up scaling innovations.
  4. Facilitate business plan development for new innovations.
  5. Promote incubation of innovations into new enterprises.
  6. Facilitate development of University Commercialization Policy.
  7. Facilitate measurement of the socio-economic impact of University innovation outputs.