AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project Office Welcomes Back Long-term Beneficiaries

On April 11th, the AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project Office welcomed back three of the long term training beneficiaries who obtained their PhD degrees in Japanese universities through the JICA long term PhD fellowship. They reported about their life in Japan, research and future prospects to JICA HQ and JICA Kenya Office through video conference.

Dr. Ombiro explains about his experience in Japanese culture

 Dr. Geofrey Sing’ombe Ombiro completed his PhD study in Graduate School of Environment and Life Science, Okayama University in the Plant Pathology and Genetic Engineering. He stated that the research system in Japan and Kenya is different and if studying in Japan, the mindset will have to change because the research is very intensive.

Dr. Aluoch shares her experience about her study in Okayama University
Dr. Nduati explains about her research







Similarly, Dr. Muhomah Teresia Aluoch completed her PhD study in Animal Nutrition/Food Nutrition in Okayama University. She was exposed to number of Japanese culture events through her laboratory mates by welcoming hanami party, mountain climbing and sports activities which released her mind from intense laboratory works. She advised for the future students to be ‘Open minded as it is a different world but you will have a beautiful experience’.

Finally, Dr. Eunice Nduati completed her PhD study in Chiba University in the field of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems. She presented on her research study on ‘Mapping of Urban and Peri-Urban Croplands for Promotion of Local Food Systems’. She advised that to study in Chiba University, you will have to be self-oriented, self-driven which helps one to build stronger confidence in your research.

All beneficiaries are now ready to strive for their next future steps after three extensive years of study in Japan.