Best Presenter Awarded for Innovation Research 2018/2019


1st best presenter, Mr. Tanui Ronald receiving gift from Prof. Maina

On April 18th, 2019, the main task force of the AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project recognized the efforts of the Innovation Research projects which were funded in the Japanese financial year of 2018 from April 2018 till end of March 2019.

2nd best presenter, Mr. Abraham Mengesha Woldemariam receiving certificate from Prof. Losenge

The best four presenters were awarded with gifts and certificate to acknowledge their great final presentation of research outputs which was conducted on March 12th, 2019. The final presentation was assessed by the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee of the AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project which consists of representative members from all sub task forces (iPIC, iCB, iCMoB and iODaV).

3rd best presenter, Mr. Emmanuel Ochola Matsaba receiving certificate from Prof. Home
4th best presenter, Ms. Njeri Njau receiving the gift from Prof. Home







Below were the awardees.

          Tanui Ronald, ‘Development of Methods of Detection and Characterization of MLN-Casual Viruses using Small RNA Transcriptome Profiling’ (1st)

          Abraham Mengesha Woldemariam, ‘ Structural Performance Single and Double Skin Concrete- Filled UPVC Tube Columns under Combined Axial Compression and Bending’ (2nd)

          Emmanuel Ochola Matsaba, ‘Mapping and Adaptation Strategies of Urban Climate Change Within Nairobi City, Kenya’ (3rd)

          Njeri Njau, ‘ Characterization of Ralstonia Solacearum Strains in Different African Nightshade Accessions’ (4th)