Happy Soils, Happy Potato and Happy Farmer

For a long time, Kenya farmers have been applying Di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) and calcium ammonium nitrate routinely in their fields. The application of the fertilizer in the fields are not informed and not based on soil characteristics. Dr. Rintaro Kinoshita, Specially Appointed Assistant Professor in Soil Science in Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine explained that to be able to produce high yield of potato, farmers must know the characteristics of their soils. He added that through their research in Malawi, they have ascertained that application of gypsum, dolomite or ash can alleviate some of the nutrient limitations and in turn improving crop yield.

Dr. Kinoshita describing soil characteristics that should be considered before determining the amount of fertilizer to be applied

The team is in the process of assessing Kenya soils to determine the soil characteristics and way to mitigate soil problems to enhance soil health and promote yields for potato. The research output from their activities will rekindle the hope of high potato yield in soil with deficiency of various essential soil nutrients.