1. Prof. Naomi Maina


Dept. of Biochemistry Cell Biology and Protozology.
2. Prof. Shinjiro Shiomi JICA Expert Plant Biotechnologist.

Current research on Tomato tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses

3. Dr. Andrew Nyerere Dept. of Medical Microbiology Microbiology.

Research in epidemiology of antibiotic resistance and infectious diseases.


Dr. Caroline Ngugi

Dept. of Medical Microbiology Molecular Epidemiology.

Research in Management and control of cancer, infectious diseases and improving maternal health.

5. Dr. Daniel Kiboi Dept. of Biochemistry Molecular Medicine.

Research in Plasmodium drug resistance.


 Ms. Florence A. Ng’ong’a

Dept. of Biochemistry Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology with focus on molecular parasitology
7.  Dr. Lewis Macharia


Animal Health Science
8. Dr. Amos Mbugua Dept. of Medical Laboratory Sciences Molecular genetics of malaria and NTDs.

Molecular diagnostics and surveillance tools, innovations for control of tropical infectious diseases.

9.  Dr. Mutinda Kyama Dept. of Medical Laboratory Sciences Clinical Cytology.

Research in pathogenesis of endometriosis, breast cancer and stem cell biology.

10. Ms. Vicky Gent Dept. of Zoology Clinical Immunology.

Research in Immunomodulatory diseases, development of vaccines and immunotherapeutics.

11. Ms. Grace Kimani Dept. of Biochemistry Infectious diseases.

Research in Infectious diseases, Disease management and Drug development

12.  Mr. Robert Nesta Dept. of Zoology Agricultural Entomology

Research in Invertebrate zoology and Environmental Science.

13. Ms. Jane Wacera
Dept. of Medical Microbiology Microbiology

Research in general microbiology, medical microbiology and mycology

14. Mr. James Komu Dept. of Medical Laboratory Sciences Medical Virology
15. Ms. Mary Kimanthi
Dept. of Medical Laboratory Sciences Medical Laboratory Sciences