12 Innovation Products Profiled                                                                                                                           Picture
1. Design and Development of a Precision Plastic Blow Molding Machine

PI – Eng. Kabini Karanja

2. Charcoal briquetting Machine

PI – Eng. Waweru Macharia

3. Converting Waste Polythene into Energy Sources

PI – Dr. Paul Njogu

4. Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Aided Biological Control Agents in the Control of Bacterial Wilt  in Tomato

PI – Dr. Harrison Wanyika


5. Power Driven Block Press

PI: Eng. Clement Nduati

6. Three in one Chaff Mill

PI: Mr. Simon Gatagia

7. Solar-Biomass hybrid dryer

PI: Prof. C. Kanali


8. Shujaa Tractor

PI: Prof. C. Kanali


9. Irrigation Manager

PI: Mr. B. Muoki

10. Mercury resort for gold processing

PI: Mr. K. B. Gilbert


11. Controlling the Bont Tick, Ambylomma Variegatum using Pheromone- baited Trap

PI: Prof. R. Maranga

12. Motorized Block Press PI: Eng. C. Nduati  



 5  Business Plans Developed
S/No PI & Innovation Product Picture
1. PI: Eng. C. Nduati -Motorized Block Press  
2. PI: King’etich Bett Gilbert-
Mercury Retort


PI: Simon Gatagia-

3-in-1 Chaff Mill

4. PI: Prof. Christopher Kanali-

Solar Biomass Dryer

5. PI: Benson Mutheke Muoki -Irrigation manager