iPIC Innovation Research Projects Funded by AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project 2014-2021. 
JFY 2020/2021
Title Investigators/Researchers
Development of a Ventilator System for Management of COVID 19 Patients Prof. Eng. B.W. Ikua,
Dr. Eng. K. Kabini
Dr. Hiram Ndiritu
Dr. A. Muchiri
Dr. Meshack Hawi
Nanoparticle-enhanced Biodiesel Application in Diesel Engine for Energy and Environmental Sustainability Dr. Meshack Hawi,
Treza Wambui
Koffi Gawanou
Impact of Urbanization on Ambient Air Quality in Kenya: A Case Study of Nairobi Prof. Christopher Kanali,
Kiai J. Caroline
Design and Construction of a Fluidized Bed Reactor for Biomass Waste Gasification Dr. Jotham Muthoka Munyalo,
Fredrick I. Njuguna
Modeling Landscape Heterogeneity and the Biodiversity of Standing-Water Wetlands in Nairobi Dr. Arch. Mugwima Njuguna,
Caleb Toroitich
Bioconversion Of Organic Waste To Biodiesel Using Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Bsfl) Prof. Patrick G. Home,
Lilies Kathami Kathambi
Design And Construction Of An Optimized Windmill To Harvest Wind Energy For Irrigation Dr. Churchill Saoke,
Clintone Ochieng Okeyo
Redesign of Waste Lubrication Oil Burner for Process Heating and Energy Generation to Achieve Environmental Sustainability Dr. Bernard Owiti Otieno
Development of a Pay As You Go Predictive Wind resource map for productivity and resilience improvement in food, health, transport and energy sectors Dr. Francis Xavier Ochieng
Detection and Discrimination of Differently Ripened Banana Fruit Using NIR Spectroscopy Dr. Kipchumba Cherono
Development of an electro-charged air-assisted pesticide sprayer. Preliminary stages Dr. Elizabeth M. Musiu
JFY 2018/2019
Title Investigators/Researchers
Improved Multi-Operational Machine for Small Scale Workshops Dr. Eng. Karanja Kabini
Design and Development of Energy Management Systems and Intelligent Transient Control Schemes for Hybrid Power Generation Configuration Phase III Macben Mutua Makenzi
Environmental Management Through Household Faecal Matter Containment and Re-Use Dr. Eng. James Messo Raude
Structural Performance Single and Double Skin Concrete- Filled UPVC Tube Columns under Combined Axial Compression and Bending Abraham Mengesha Woldemariam (PAUSTI)
Installation of Data Collection Setup in an Existing Ball Milling Machine Simulation Mathew Ndeto Kyalo
Modification and Improvement of a Modern Multipurpose Low-Speed Wind Tunnel Dr. Anthony Kariuki Muchiri
Behavior of Fibre-Reinforced Concrete in Exterior Beam-Column Joints Under Cyclic Loading Okeola Abass Abayomi (PAUSTI)
JFY 2017/2018 
Title Investigators/Researchers
Multi-purpose operation machine using scotch yoke mechanism for small scale workshops Dr. Eng. Karanja Kabini
Design and development of energy management system and intelligent transient control schemes for hybrid power generation configurations: Phase III Macben Mutua Makenzi
Development of hydraulic modules and suitable bio-filter material for recirculation aquaculture systems Wakibia & Muriuki
Design and fabrication of a water bike Obwogi Omweri Enock
Automation of a ball mill machine for artisanal and small scale gold miners Mathew Ndeto Kyalo
Design of a small scale mechanized stone crusher Maniafu Nukhebi Ben
Development of self-compacting translucent concrete incorporating waste glass Awetehagn Tuaum Gebremariam
Structural performance of sisal fibres reinforced lightweight concrete with waste plastic precoated volcanic scoria aggregates Tejiona Tangomo Frank Ronald
Development of a modern multipurpose low speed wind tunnel Dr. Anthony Kariuki Muchiri
Investigation of Potential for dune sand for use in structural  concrete Ndoum-Madje Emmanuel Danembaye
JFY 2016/2017
Title Investigators/Researchers
A Hybrid System for Television White Space Spectrum Utilization Ephraim Warutere Mureu
Design and Development of Energy Management System and Intelligent Transient Control Schemes for Hybrid Power Generation Configurations Macben Mutua Makenzi
Design, Fabrication and Testing of JKUAT Built Motor Vehicle/ Racing Car** Robert Kiplimo
Fabrication of Aluminium Silicon Carbide Composites for Application in Small and High Speed Vessels
John Gerald Odhiambo Odumba
Noise Frequency Analysis for Gasoline Internal Combustion Engine Exhaust** Daniel Omondi Onyango
CFD Modelling and Simulation of Rice Husks Gasification in the Reactor of an Updraft Gasifier
Evans Kibiro
Development of a transistorized spark generator for electrical discharge machine Thomas Ngigi
iPIC Security System Installation (Phase-2)** Innovative security system for the iPIC centre – <Interdisciplinary Research> Daniel  Osuto
JFY 2015/2016
Title Investigators/Researchers
Caring of onion sets using hot exhaust flue from wood fuel Timothy Kiptui Kangogo,
Prof. George Nyakoe
Prof. Urbanus Mutwiwa
Development and implementation of eco-settlements in Eastern Africa Prof. Walter O. Oyawa
Design and development of energy management system and intelligent transient Africa schemes for hybrid power generation configurations Macben Mutua Makenzi
Generating electrical and thermal energy for small-scale usage using salt gradient solar pond Hastings Simbarashe Zawaira
Relationship between geometric design consistency and highway safety Opany Julius Nyaisanga
Fabrication and testing of an ore grinding machine Mathew Ndeto Kyalo
Development of a transistorized spark generator for electrical discharge machine Dr. Eng. Kabini Samuel Karanja,
Mr. Mbugua
Climate-Resilient construction infrastructure development challenges and potential solutions in East African cities Belachew Asteray Demiss
Design, fabrication and testing of JKUAT racing car Robert Kiplimo,
Bruno Mose
Design and analysis of optimized vehicle traffic controller on a synchronized stationary global positioning system – a case study of Nairobi inner city Justus D’Oketch
Development of a hybrid pulsed laser process for micro-welding of copper and aluminium alloy Dr. Martin Ruthandi Maina
JFY 2014/2015
Title Investigators/Researchers
Fabrication of a Briquetting Machine Dr. Peter Kihato,
Michael Kibuchi Mwai
Development of a domestic cassava grater Dr. Peter Kihato,
David Amuyeka Chitayi
Development of a cast iron melting furnace Dr. Peter Kihato,
Daniel Omondi Onyango
Completion of the motorized block press Dr. Peter Kihato,
Clement Nganga Nduati
Macadamia De-husker promotion Dr. Peter Kihato,
Ben Nukhebi Maniafu
Implementation of a solar PV electricity generation system for the Eco-house Irene Ndunge Muisyo
Actualization of the Eco-house Prof. Walter O. Oyawa