Mechatronic Department marks the end of semester with students’ project presentations

In every final year of a student’s in the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), Students are expected present their research projects results and outputs to the academic members of staff and the university community.

In every year, the engineering students of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) are expected to present their research project results and output to academic staffs and university community.

In the College of Engineering and Technology (CoETEC), the leading College in Engineering in the region, this has been the norm. Students at the fourth year of study, develop and present proposals for their intended final year project.

Students demonstrate their project on design and fabrication of an Autonomous warehouse management system

During the first semester, the students are involved in the design phase of the project in which they are continuously assessed and present progress report at the end of the semester. During the second semester, students implement the design of their project and finalize on their projects as well as presenting their results and outputs. A written report is also required to be submitted. The final presentation of the fifth year class is the climax of students’ research activities.

On August 10th, 2018, Mechatronic Engineering Department, had some unforgettable moments in the lives of their students. This was not only that it was the last day of the examination, but also a day that marked the end of their undergraduate studies. The 8-4-4(5) system was finally coming to an end! The 2018 Mechatronic class were presenting the results of their projects to the Department staffs.

Students demonstrate their project on how a land surveying drone works to the staff


An elated Chairman of the Department, Dr.-Ing. Jackson G. Njiri, said the selected projects would go a long way in improving on the quality of teaching, as well as the image of the university. The said projects also have a big potential of being incubated and replicated for use within the university as well as being commercialized. Most of the projects were carried out at innovation Prototyping Integrated Centre (iPIC), which the state-of-the-art building established by AFRICA-ai-JAPAN project. The iPIC building houses modern laboratories that are well equipped as well as conference halls and innovation exhibition space.

The students took advantage of the facilities which were officially handed over to JKUAT last year and had very interesting outputs. “We used most of the equipment in IPIC for our projects. The 3D printer and the Precision Machine came in very handy” reported Emmanuel Kinyanjui one of the students whose group developed a waste sorting machine.

The presentation was also attended by the Acting DVC (Administration) Prof. (Eng.) Bernard Ikua, Acting Principal CoETEC, Dr. (Eng.) Hiram Ndiritu and the AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project Experts, Prof. Shinjiro Shiomi and Ms. Sachiko Oda.

Hurray, the students pose for a group photo after the presentation