Orientation for Seed Research Fund for PAUSTI 4th Cohort Students

Seed Research Fund is an initial fund given to PAUSTI students by the AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project to kick start their research work after successfully defending their proposals. Therefore, it is essential to orient the students on how to use the allocated amount and how to account for it. The orientation took place on 8th December 2017 at iPIC Seminar hall where 81 students attended.

Prof. Tsunoda addressing the PAUSTI students

AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project Chief Advisor Prof. Manabu Tsunoda congratulated the students upon the completion of their defenses and urged them to take their studies seriously in order to finish on time. He also urged them to manage the allocated funds properly.

Ms. Sachiko Oda, Project Coordinator, briefed students on how to get the seed research fund, the requirements and the process to follow when applying for the seed research fund. During the seminar, the students were informed of the timelines for applying for the fund, financial accounting upon award, as well as the items covered by the fund.

Project Accountant Mr. Eric G. Njuguna addressing PAUSTI students

Project Accountant, Mr. Eric G. Njuguna, inducted students on the accounting procedures to follow when accounting for the given fund and clarified on the specific items to buy.

PAUSTI students interacting with the Project Accountant Mr. Eric G. Njuguna during orientation.

Apart from the issue of seed research fund, the project holds special seminars towards African Innovation to all the PAUSTI students, JKUAT staff and students through which PAUSTI students get to learn about research and innovation ethos ahead of their final research work. These seminars are planned to start early February 2018.