PAUSTI and AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project Meet with PAUSTI Alumni in Yaoundé, Cameroon

Meeting with PAUSTI former students in Yaoundé, Cameroon From left: Leolein Rostand Deffo, Dr. Jane Ngethe, Frank Roland Tejiona Tangomo, Sachiko Oda and Jules Aimes Fopossi

Dr. Jane Ngethe, the Registrar of Pan African University Institute for Basic Sciences, Technology and Innovation (PAUSTI) and Ms. Sachiko Oda, the Project Coordinator of AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project visited Yaoundé in Cameroon in mid-December 2018. In Cameroon, there are nine PAUSTI alumni and they met with seven of them in Yaoundé.

Amongst the alumni was Frank Roland Tejiona Tangomo who completed Masters in Civil Engineering and Structure and graduated in June 2018. He was a beneficiary of the AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project’s Innovation research fund where he did his research on ‘Structural Performance of Sisal Fibres Reinforced Lightweight Concrete with Waste Plastic Precoated Volcanic Scoria Aggregates’.

Another alumni was Paul Brice Kenfac Dongmezo who completed his PhD in Mathematics and Statistics, graduating in November 2018. He will resume duty in his workplace at the Ministry of Economics where he will be working as a Senior Economist.

From left: Paul Brice Kenfac Dongmezo, Stephane Kemtim Tamboun, Sachiko Oda, Dr. Jane Ngethe and Joseph Paulin Azebaze Nafack

Some alumni were ambitious in pursuing PhD in the near future, where others were facing challenges with the labour market in their respective country. However, PAUSTI alumni are striving to use their equipped knowledge and skills obtained from their study in PAUSTI and be competent in their specialization.