Research findings exchanged as Mid-term presentation of Innovation Research is held

The mid-term presentations of innovation research projects funded by the AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project during the 2018/2019 financial year, were held on 16th October, 2018 at the iPIC Exhibition Hall.

Judith Nwagbogu presents her findings during the event

Researchers who included PAUSTI students, JKUAT staff and students, presented the progress reports of their research activities which kicked started in June, 2018. The content of the presentations included research background, key contents of activities, key outputs and a way forward.




M&E members Prof. Martin Obanda, Cavince Adhere and Prof. Naomi Maina follow the presentation proceedings

  AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project provided funds for four sub taskforces namely Innovation and Prototyping Integrated Centre (iPIC); Innovation Centre for Bio-resources (iCB); Innovation Centre for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (iCMoB) and Innovative Open Data and Visualization (iODaV), as well as interdisciplinary ones. This year, the Project had funded a total of 27 projects cutting across the four sub taskforces as well as interdisciplinary ones.

The presentations are part of the Monitoring and Evaluation committee activities whose role is to ensure that the projects focus on among others: viability for patenting and commercialization, develop papers for scientific publications and support theses writing.

During a presentation on the “Potential of Azadirachta indica Nanoformulation as anticancer therapy”, Judith Nwagbogu, a PAUSTI MSc. student in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, elucidated that the extracts and more specifically, their Nano formulation have great potential as powerful chemotherapeutic agents against cancer.

A section of the participants follows the presentations during the meeting