SAFARI Animal Handling Training

The Innovation Centre for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (iCMoB) held yet another training on animal handling on 2nd and 3rd August 2018 at SAFARI, JKUAT main campus. The training targeted the JKUAT technician staff involved in the life sciences as well as JKUAT postgraduate students.

The participants learned about the various aspects regarding the proper use of animals in scientific research and innovation. During the training the participants acquired theoretical knowledge on laboratory animal welfare and ethics, quality assurance, preoperative care, surgical techniques, nutrition, humane endpoints and proper disposal and biosafety.

Dr. Mutinda Kyama delivers his theory session to the participants

The participants garnered hands-on skills on handling of the animals, identification process, the various modes of administration of substances under study and collection of samples.

Participants undertaking the practical session with Mr. Thomas Adino





The training ended with an on-line exam to assess the participants.

Currently there is a sale of veterinary certified laboratory animals for teaching and research at affordable prices.