Upcoming Seminar

One way of strengthening the knowledge and capacity of postgraduate students to actualize their innovative ideas is through mentorship from outstanding personalities in academia and industry. In this regard,  the AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project has planned to host a series of lecture seminars that will motivate the postgraduate students and others become not only better scientists but entrepreneurs.

Innovations Incubation Seminar of ‘ Transforming JKUAT into Innovations Entrepreneurial University’

Session#1 Aug 23 (thur), 2018    Mr. Kagunda Chege, Business and Leadership, CEO, Halisi Group

Session#2 Aug 30 (thur), 2018  Prof. Jesper Vasell, Director, KTH Global Development Hub

Session#3 September 20 (thur), 2018   Mr. Fred Ochieng Oduke, Director, Agritrace Consulting Ltd.

Session#4 September 27 (thur), 2018  Dr. Allan Pamba, Vice President, Pharmaceuticals, East Africa, GlaxoSmithKline

Session#5 Otober 11 (thur), 2018 Mr. Sylvance A. Sange, Managing Director, Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI)

Session# 6 October 18 (thur), 2018  Dr. Jonathan Lenchner, Chief Scientist, IBM Africa Research Lab

Session#7 October 29 (mon), 2018 Dr. Manu Chandaria, Chair and CEO, Comcraft Group (Steel and Aluminum)

Session#8 November 1 (thur), 2018 Dr. Moses Alobo, The African Academy of Sciences (AAS)

Session#9  November 2 (fri), 2018  Prof. Bitange Ndemo, School of Business, University of Nairobi

Special Open Seminar

September 13 (thur), 2018  Dr. Takeo Saito on ‘ Vegetable Research and Innovations in NIVFS, NARO, Japan’

Past Seminar

The iCB and iPIC  sub-task-forces organized two joint Seminars with Universities in Japan  on ” Innovations for Harnessing Bio-resources” and “towards African innovations”. The seminars were held in JKUAT  on 19th of October,  2015 and 24th March, 2016, respectively.  iCB and icMOB will host a similar Joint seminar in October 2016.