World Bank Group Visit to the AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project Office

On May 11th, 2018, the AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Office received a courtesy visit from the World Bank Group, Ms. Chihiro Tazaki, the Advisor to Executive Director for Japan. The purpose of her visit was to observe JICA’s technical cooperation on Higher Education in Kenya.

The guests following the demonstration of how the block pressing machine and the fruit pulper function at the iPIC display corner

After a short briefing of the AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project, the Project gave her a tour to the innovation Prototyping and Integrated Centre (iPIC), Display corner of JKUAT outputs. Demonstration was done on various innovative machine such as the Manual Interlocking Block Making Machine, Engine driven Three in One Plant Mill, Cassava Grater and Multi Pulper.

In addition, she was taken through the Agriculture section where technologies such as the portable Capillary wick irrigation system that is simple to install, operate and saves fertilizer and water; and increasing the longevity of seeds for through enstostat coating.

The visitors were exposed to manufacturing technologies and top notch agricultural technologies from JKUAT.

Group photo during the iPIC display corner visit from left; Mr. Miyagawa (JICA Kenya Office), Prof Koaze (Chief Advisor, AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project), Ms. Tazaki (World Bank), Dr Kihato (Manager JKUAT Engineering Workshops), Prof. Shiomi and Ms. Sachiko (JICA Experts, AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Project).