Margaret Oloko – Instructor

Margaret Oloko is an Associate Professor in the Department of Business Administration, School of Business, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). She holds a PhD in Business Administration, from the University of Nairobi. She has attended the Being a Leader (BAL) Course from 2016 when it was first held in Kenya. She has had an opportunity to be trained thrice on Creating Course Leaders (CCL). She has also had an opportunity to deliver the course as a one of the instructors during the Being a leader course that was held at Kenyatta University in February 2018.  She hopes that the forthcoming BAL and CCL trainings to be held at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in March 2019 will make a difference in the lives of the participants



Prof. Grace Wamue-Ngare - instructor

Prof. Grace Wamue-Ngare – instructor

Prof. Grace Wamue-Ngare is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, Gender and Development Studies, School of Humanities and Social Sciences- Kenyatta University. She is currently serving as the Director, Center for Gender Equity and Empowerment at the same institution.  As a renowned consultant in Gender and associated disciplines touching on the field of social sciences, Grace has undertaken many consultancies and trainings in Gender Mainstreaming and Awareness.  Prof. Ngare is a distinguished researcher and has received numerous grants and awards from research-funding bodies among them LEAP-AGR-European Union, Norwegian Church Aid: CODESRIA, OSSREA, National Council for Science and Technology (NCST), Lake Victoria Basin Research Initiative (VicRes), and Association of African Universities (AAU).  Being a renowned Scholar, Grace has participated in numerous local, regional and international forums. She’s not only an alumnus of the Global Women Leadership Network (GWLN) but has also undertaken the “Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership Course an Ontological/ Phenomenological Model” both as a student and also a leader.  She is 2018 Visiting Scholar at the Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS) Fellowships. Prof. Ngare is an able team leader, quite pleasant to work with.


Dr. Mildred Lodiaga

Dr. Mildred J. Lodiaga obtained her doctoral degree in Population Studies from Kenyatta University and Masters in Population Studies at the United Nations Regional Institute for Population Studies, University of Ghana –Legon. Obtained her first degree (Sociology, History and Education) from the University of Nairobi. Currently she is a lecturer at the Department of Gender and Development Studies, at Kenyatta University. She is a trained teacher by profession. Has many years in teaching and supervised numerous undergraduate and post graduate level students. During this period, she has acquired an in-depth experience and a deep understanding of gender issues in development in general,  education and population issues.

She has served at the University in various capacities: Chairperson of departments-  Department of Development Studies and Department of Gender and Development Studies; Departmental Examination coordinator; Board member of the Institute/School of Peace and Security and Board member of University Student Mentorship Programme where students are able to grow their leadership skills alongside academic excellence; a member of a Committee on Sexual Harassment.  She chaired a University Planning Committee that steered a successful International Training Workshop on Transformational Leadership known as Being a Leader (BAL) and Effective Exercise of Leadership as your Natural Self Expression: An Ontological/Phenomenological Model. The workshop took place in February 2018 and she was one of the Instructors. In addition, Mildred has won research awards and has been engaged in a number of consultancies and trainings as a resource person in Gender and Development.

She has been engaged in community outreach activities: appointment by Ministry of Education as a board member of different secondary schools and currently a chairperson of Board of Management in one of the schools. A founder member and Trustee of NEWI – Women’s Initiative in Education and National advocacy, a group of professionals concerned with girl-child Education; a founder member and Director of a Savings and Credit Society (SACCO) known as Nyinam SACCO LTD. An initiative that focuses on, one, uplifting the social and economic status of women of diverse statuses and two, on accelerating women’s access to funding for their own individual/group empowerment.


Grace Mose-Okong’o

Grace Mose-Okong’o

Grace Mose-Okong’o is a lecturer in the Department of Gender and Development Studies, School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Kenyatta University. She holds a doctoral degree majoring in Gender and Women Studies with a minor in Anthropology. She has passion for gender mainstreaming in all sectors of development. She specializes in Gender issues in Governance; Project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. She believes in Community Mobilization and leadership. Grace has participated in various trainings, workshops and forums at local, regional national and international levels. For example she is an alumnus of the Global Women Leadership Network (GWLN). She has also been trained and mentored in a profoundly unique and transformative course entitled “Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership Course an Ontological/ Phenomenological Model.” In her teaching and community work, she strives to use innovative ways of empowering women, girls and boys in socioeconomic development using gender responsive participatory approaches grounded in popular education which encourages critical consciousness raising and project ownership. Grace believes that academia is most effective when it is transported from the classroom to community. Grace has over10 years of national and international experience working, teaching, and trainings in gender, women socio-economic empowerment. She is a fierce self and community advocate especially against GBV and FGM as well as trainer in women’s leadership, and advocating and fighting against gender disparities in sectors of development. She is an internationally recognized speaker and a focused and innovative team player.