New Study Shows Kenya’s Maize Flour Fortification Status

Prof. Daniel Sila (right) Titus Katembu, Programme Officer for Agriculture and Rural development at European Union Kenya Ofiice (second right) John Mwai during a field visit to Pembe Millers in September 2018

A new study by Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology indicates that nearly half of the maize millers in Kenya do not add essential minerals and vitamins to their flour products. The process, technically known as flour fortification or enrichment, is a legal requirement in Kenya. The country has prioritized fortification of salt, maize and wheat flour, as well as fats and oils.

According to the study findings, while all large scale millers were found to be fortifying, only 46% of medium scale millers fortify their products. The situation was worse among small scale millers where just 24% reported adding the mandatory micronutrients to the flours.

Speaking when he released the results of the study in Nairobi on Thursday April 25, 2019, lead author, Prof. Daniel Sila said the milling industry was still faced with a number of challenges regarding flour fortification.


Prof. Sila identified skills gap, lack of equipment and high cost of premixes, as some of the hurdles among small and medium scale millers to fortification compliance. Read more

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