Development Studies


Diploma in Community Development

Diploma in Development Studies

Bachelor of Development Studies

Bachelor of Public Management and Development

Bachelor of Community Development and Environment


M.Sc. Development Studies

M.Sc. Public Administration and Management

Ph.D. Development Studies

B.Sc. Development Studies

Development Studies is a multi-disciplinary course that tries to understand the complex economic, political, social and environmental issues that affect the process of rapid improvement or “development” in the regions of the world referred to as the Third World, developing World, non-industrial societies or the South. It is an important discipline of study particularly for Africa which has struggled in the post-independence era to put in place strategies to accelerate the process of development with little success. Many of the development paradigms and policies in use in many developing countries are often crafted in the developed world with very little input from people in the developing world.

The Department of Development Studies will be a great contributor to not only help to build the necessary capacity for individuals and institutions to actively engage in development debates and practice but also offer home-grown solutions to the persistent challenge of underdevelopment which is in line with the JKUAT’s vision of being a world class institution for development.

Prospective job opportunities include:

  1. Citizenship and Immigration Officer
  2. Community Involvement Animator
  3. Community Service Agency Worker
  4. Community Service Organization Manager
  5. Community Support Director
  6. Development Associate
  7. Diplomat
  8. Diversity Consultant
  9. Economic Development Officer
  10. Governmental Program Agent
  11. Human Rights Commission Development Officer
  12. Human Rights Officer
  13. Immigration Consultant
  14. International Aid and Development Project Officer
  15. International Development Officer
  16. Lobbyist
  17. Non-Profit Foundation Manager
  18. Regional Development Manager
  19. Research Assistant
  20. United Nations Ambassador
  21. University Professor