One needs to be directed or given information about career which he/she wants pursue in life, at Lukuyani all were set to know different courses that are being offered at JKUAT Kakamega Campus, Our Director Dr. Juma Dennis was the guest of honor of the event and other guests who were invited on that day ,included Secondary Schools around the Lukuyani area which i.e Mwiba Secondary School, St. Henry Memorial Boys and Girls Secondary School which involved, All students who attended were encouraged to work hard especially core subjects like English and Mathematics, also to choose courses in which they will excel in their professional life, especially those that they can create their own jobs in the community and become entrepreneurs in our economy, this will reduce the their higher expectations of searching white collar jobs.
The other stakeholders who attended the career day event were, Dr. Kagwa and HELB representatives who disseminated information on how to apply for loans from HELB, that will aid students pursuing both Degree courses and Diploma courses in various Universities and colleges, they also encouraged the locals to make use of the bursaries from National Development Funds and the Ward Development Fund, which are offered for needy students, all these will put everybody on board to pursue their favorite courses and contribute back to their communities as this will be regarded as the most valuable output that the community needs, and ensure that their problems are solved by their own people.

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