There is a beginning for every process, most people expect best results when they complete a process, JKUAT Kakamega campus congratulates all students who are graduating, for their good work and effort they have put all this time they have been in campus, we thank parents and guardians who have been of help throughout the years, Graduation day brings celebrations and achievements, a reflection on past trials and their solutions as well as hope for success in the near future. It’s a beginning of new life with high expectation and a golden chance for students as they are now ready for job market opportunities. This makes them believe that there are better things ahead than the greater things that they have done before, remembering to take pride in how far they have come ignites the faith in how far they can go but not forgetting to enjoy the journey throughout. As JKUAT ritual, JKUAT will hold its 32nd Graduation on Friday, 30th November, 2018 as from 8:00am at Graduation Square, JKUAT Main Campus, Juja.All are Invited.This link is a Graduation booklet for November 2018 Graduands.

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