JKUAT held their annual JKUSA Awards Ceremony on Thursday 15 November, 2018, All JKUAT campuses headed to main campus to attend the event that always makes every student feel that they are in the atmosphere of university life. When provided adequate opportunities & guidance all students have immense potential to contribute to our society & humanity. Students should be encouraged to dream big about their future as JKUAT provides a platform for them to explore their potential to the fullest.
The JKUSA Awards Ceremony is held every year, to recognize the achievements of comrades & the services of individuals as well as the student leaders. These awards celebrate the efforts of the comrades who have made a transformative difference through their commitment and dedication to their fellows. Student leaders stand out by the nature of their commitment & the integrity of their character which is a clear reflection of the effort, pride & passion with which a person lives.
Students are told to work together, from class discussion, as sharing of knowledge is not only experienced in class but also outside classes, believing in yourself can always allow you to reach the heights of excellence and perform extraordinary things in life. Diana Khakali Sakwa(Princess) who is a JKUAT student at JKUAT Kakamega Campus pursuing Bachelor of Procurement and Contract Management won Satellite Personality of the year Jkusa awards 2018 which is respectable award that will always open doors of success in her near future. We celebrate her achievement with a great cheer as she represented our campus during the JKUSA Award Ceremony.

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