Dean of Students’ Office


Develop a student who is physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually wholesome


Oversee and coordinate effective, efficient, and sustainable delivery of students’ welfare services.


Fair, firm and friendly

The welfare department in JKUAT Karen Campus currently consists of the Assistant Dean of Students’ the Students’ Counselor and the Chaplaincy.

Operations of the department

·It looks into the overall welfare of the students while on campus. The areas touched are; health, happiness, safety, security, and sponsorship among others.

·Subsequently then it, liaises with the administration and all other departments on the campus in order to enhance harmony in the operations.

·The office of the dean of students’ participates fully in JKUSO issues including the election of office bearers which begins with a thorough vetting of the nominees.

·Counseling is offered continuously on a need basis and some of the areas touched are; academics, social life and relationship issues.

·The chaplaincy tackles spiritual matters and conducts ecumenical and thanksgiving services once a year. In the unfortunate circumstances where life is lost, the chaplain then conducts a funeral service for the departed, within the campus.

·Issues of student accommodation also is the co-business of the department. Designated staff undertakes to do the inspection of the private hostels before allowing their inclusion in the lists used by students and parents.

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