Sports and Games

Message from the Head of Section

Hello and welcome to the JKUAT Karen Campus Sports and Games section. The section recognizes the role that sport has to play in the development of both students and staff. Both staff and students are given the opportunity to train, exercise, work hard and develop themselves into individuals who are capable of competing and achieving at the highest level. The section works closely with the Sports and Games Department in Main Campus, external sports federations and associations who release Annual sports calendars for appropriate planning. Over the years, the Section has identified and nurtured talent and continues to do so in Athletics, Badminton, Tennis and Rugby with athletes being given the chance to represent the Campus in International events and competitions.

The Sports and Games Section in Karen Campus affirms that all students and members of staff shall have the right to participate in every aspect of sport, without discrimination based on race, sex, nationality or creed.


The vision of the Sports and Games Section is to prepare a healthy JKUAT community through integrated, interesting and practical regular health and fitness programs and services within and without the university.


The mission of the Sports and Games Section is to provide sports and games services through active and practical participation of both students and staff for the development of physical, mental and social fitness of the JKUAT community and humanity in general.

Objectives of the Section

  1. To offer the opportunity to students and staff to engage in both recreational and competitive sports activities within and without the campus.
  2. To identify and nurture students with talent relating to sports and games
  3. Availing an opportunity for qualified student-athletes to take part in local, National, Regional and International competitions and events.
  4. To offer/provide regular physical activities geared towards the enhancement of general health and physical wellness of both students and staff.



JKUAT Karen Campus has the following facilities for both recreational and competitive use by students, staff and community around:



Football   fields


Basket   ball pitch


Hocky   fields


Rugby   fields






Volleyball   court


Pool   table




 Students’ Center for Darts and Chess.

The section provides sports uniforms and shoes/boots only to student athletes selected to represent the campus in competitions. For training purposes, students are expected to equip themselves with personal training kits.  However, boards, balls, rackets and hockey sticks are provided at all times.

Sports and Games Programs offered:

Soccer, Rugby, Netball, Volleyball, Chess, Basketball, Darts, Softball and Pool (both men and women).


February 2015: Winners in Lawn Tennis individual game (ladies) and runners-up in Rugby in Kisii University.
December 2014: our singles ladies lawn tennis player (Immaculate Elvira) was selected to represent JKUAT In East African University Games. in Kampala Uganda.
October 2014: champions in Handball, Basketball and individual medals on Lawn Tennis Pwani University.
October 2012: Winners in Tennis (Ladies) and 1st Runner up in Swimming during the 7th JKUAT Annual Sports Day
June/July 2012: Two Rugby students (Eden Agero and Lawrence Buyachi) selected to the 15s National Rugby team.
March 2012: Winners in Tennis (Ladies) during the Inaugural National Women Championships-Juliet Tonui.

Upcoming events and Plans:

Plans for coming up with a jogging track are underway.

 Plans are under way to start an Aerobics class in the campus, for both Staff and Students.

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