Students’ Counsellor


Vision of the welfare department:

To develop a student who is physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually wholesome. To achieve this objective, the department has various sections that include chaplaincy for spiritual services and counseling for social and emotional services, among others.

Counseling services are offered by a Counseling Psychologist. Counseling psychology focuses on providing therapeutic treatment to clients who experience a wide variety of symptoms. The services facilitate personal and interpersonal functioning across the life span with a focus of emotional, social, vocational, educational, health-related, developmental and organizational concerns.

Some cases require the intervention of both the clinician and the counseling psychologists. This unit works together with the health unit when handling such cases.

Main issues presented for counseling include:

·Substance abuse and related issues such as poor academic performance.

·Career counseling, especially in directing the student client to the appropriate academic department and facilitating career week in conjunction with the Main Campus, Juja.

·Adolescent developmental issues such as challenges encountered and responsibility.

·Anxiety and Emotional disorders such as anger management, anxiety, and aggression.

·Processing any severed/broken interpersonal relationships.

·Psychological assessment like testing the level of control

·Referring to Rehabilitation centers, for alcoholism and addiction.

·Crisis Intervention, especially in cases of suicide idealization.

·Eating disorders especially among female students.

The counseling services are given either on the bases of one-on-one, group sessions and family therapy when parents are involved.

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