Library scoops a £300 award for the INASP Open Access Week Competition

Library scoops a £300 award for the INASP Open Access Week Competition

International Network for Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) organized a competition to celebrate the Open Access Week scheduled for 18-24th October 2010. The competition required partner and network countries to use Open Access Week to showcase the activities that universities and research institutions within developing and emerging countries are planning and doing. These activities were to include •    Increasing wider awareness and use of institutional repositories •    Promoting and providing training in Open Access resources •    Showcasing the open source software being used •    Using the opportunities provided by Open Access policies to create, share… Continue reading →

Global Open Access Week

There will be a global open access week scheduled for October 18th to 24th. This is an event that provides an opportunity for the academic and research community to learn about the potential benefits of Open Access (OA), to share ideas with colleagues, and to inspire wider participation in establishing Open Access as a new norm in scholarship and research. This year, the organizers of Open Access Week are issuing a challenge to participating universities, research facilities, and other sites worldwide: Show the world the real impact of Open Access by demonstrating how it has… Continue reading →

Free Access to Emerald e-Books

We have a one month offer of free access to Emerald’s eBooks series on Business Management and Economics. This offer runs from 1st of September 2010 to 30th of September 2010. The link to the free books is And to Emerald’s eBook series on social sciences, the link is