Google Search Interfaces

The exponential growth of information has aptly been described variously as ‘information overload’, ‘floods of information’ and my favourite, ‘information explosion’. Commenting on the experience of searching for research information in google, one of our library users captured it perfectly when she likened it to drowning in the sea and still being left thirsty. If you cannot visualise this, try doing a simple search and see how many hits you get. And yet you may spend an hour going through them and still not get much. And eventually when you get something of relevance, establishing… Continue reading →

Free Access to CAB Abstracts Database and Compendia

JKUAT has been given one year free access to CAB Abstracts Database and Compendia through Cab direct courtesy of CABI/RUFORUM collaboration. CAB Direct is an extensive source of reference in the applied life sciences. It contains over 10 million applied life sciences abstracts carefully selected by a team of experts. This database is updated every week. The content includes over 200,000 full text content comprising 62% journal articles and 38% conference papers and other grey literature such as government publications, reports, conference proceeding etc. Grey literature often difficult to locate and obtain. Full text… Continue reading →