Searching our journal databases just got easier

We have now integrated the google custom search on our journal search interface. This will allow you to conduct any search of your choice simultaneously across all our subscribed databases. Previously, one had to do the same search repeatedly through all the different databases to access the required information. The google custom search function is available on the library website under the electronic journals link at or simply click on the electronic journals link. You will find it just above the list of journal databases displayed. Once you enter your Key words (search words)… Continue reading →

Activating your student email

Welcome and congratulations to all first years who have made it to this great university. Please note that it is important that you activate your student email. Having a student email ensures that you are not left out of any important communication that may be channeled through the student mail list. The student mail is also needed for access to some of the library services such as remote access to all electronic resources in form of books and journals. This is a service that will ensure that our clientele is able to access all our… Continue reading →