Access to Thesis and Dissertations

Working on your thesis? Visit the Directory of Open Access Repositories (DOAR) at or just google for DOAR. OpenDOAR is an authoritative Directory of Open Access (OA) Repositories. Theses and dissertations form a considerable percentage of these repositories. The OpenDoar is therefore a recommended site when working on your thesis. The site can help identify researchable areas and in building your literature review. To know what theses have been done in a given area, just key in your search terms and add the word thesis. You can refine your search further by adding the… Continue reading →

Access to JKUAT E-Books

Many academic libraries are increasingly adopting the acquisition of e-books to build their collection. The advantages of e-books are potential for 24/7 access; remote access thus expanding the library boundaries; simultaneous and multiple access to the same book. With the growth in number of students and changes in mode of learning, adoption of e-books maybe the most viable option for building collections that satisfy the needs of all library users. The JKUAT library has subscribed to three databases of e-books to supplement our print collection. These are Science Direct E-Books, Springer and ebrary. Here is… Continue reading →