What are the settings for the wireless internet?

The library wireless internet is open. This means that you do not need settings to access the wireless internet. Your browser picks the wireless automatically. However, if your laptop does not pick the wireless automatically, seek assistance from the Library Systems Section.

How can access the electronic journals in the library?

  1. Google for JKUAT Library website orĀ  click here
  2. Click on the link to Electronic Resources found on the menu bar. This will give you a drop down menu of books and journals.
  3. Clicking on either of the two links will take you to a list of the JKUAT e-books and e-journals databases.
  4. Consult your List of Electronic Books and Journals for access information to respective databases

Where do I get the codes/passwords for accessing the electronic journals?

You can obtain a list of the databases of journals and books that we subscribe to from the Library Photocopying unit at minimal photocopying charges. The list includes passwords and user names for the various databases. The list is also regularly circulated to everyone on the JKUAT email network. You can also email or for the list.

How can I access the e-books and e-journals when am off campus?

Consult your list of e-books and journals. The column for access information has instruction on how to access the e-resources when you are either on or off the campus. A few like EBSCO Host Research Databases give you a username and password to login in when off campus. Most of the resources will direct you to This is a link that enables you to access these resources when you are off campus. The link is also available on the JKUAT Library website as Off Campus Access to E-Resources. The link has clear instructions on how to login for students and staff

How do I get guidance on how to use e-journals and e-books?

The library offers training on search skills for accessing information from the electronic information resources. The training maybe organized through the respective Chairmen of Department.

How do I get access to a computer in the library computer laboratory?

The library has a postgraduate (also used by members of staff) and an undergraduate computer lab located on the ground floor. You are required to book for the use of the computers. Undergraduate students use a computer for a maximum of one (1) hr while the postgraduate students use the computers for a maximum of two (2) hrs

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