Guide to Accessing E-Books

Within JKUAT network i.e using university wireless internet or a computer within the JKUAT network
Science Direct e-books

  1. Go to the library website by searching for JKUAT library or by going to
  2. Click on the Electronic Resources link on the menu bar at the top of the website.
  3. Select Electronic Books from the drop down menu on this link.
  4. This gives you a list of electronic books.
  5. Click on Science direct.
  6. Search for your topic.
  7. The box on the last column of the result page is marked with green lines for the books we have full access to
  8. You also have full access to those with an orange mark as they are in open access

Springer e-books

  1. Follow the first four steps given above.
  2. Click on Springer e-books.
  3. To get a display of only full text books, remove the tick on the link written include ‘preview only content’.
  4. Carry out your search.
  5. Click on the title of the book of your choice.
  6. The book opens in chapters.
  7. Select the chapter you want.
  8. Download or view the chapter.
  9.  Please note that Springer journals are available on the same platform

The to Ebrary site are similar to those for Springer and Science Direct e-books. However, to download a chapter on Ebrary:

  1. Click on the link written table of contents that is given under each title information on the results page.
  2. This displays a link to the different chapters.
  3. To download the chapter, click on download icon/link.
  4. You will be prompted to create an account within Ebrary for you to download any chapter. You will be required to sign into your account any time you need to download a chapter.

Access when Off Campus
The Off Campus Access to E-Resources link found on the library website allows you to access all our resources from whatever location you are in. This is an advantage since we now have many JKUAT campuses. JKUAT’s open, distance and eLearning students are also able to enjoy the same access benefits as the on campus students.

When accessing off campus;

  1. Click on the Off Campus Access to E-resources link on the library website. You could also simply go to
  2. You will be required to login to the Off Campus Link.

Logging into the Off Campus Link

  1. The username is the first part of your student email e.g john.doe@students.
  2. Password is your registration number in lowercase e.g ab123-1234/2013.
  3. Click on the resource of your choice.
  4. The rest of the steps are as given above.


  1. Members of staff should use the login details assigned to them.
  2. Not yet registered for off campus access? Send your Staff email, First name, Last name and PF No to

For any enquiries on JKUAT email, please write to if you are a member of staff and if you are a student.
Please email or or for any further enquiries

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