Orientation for New Pan African University

JKUAT Library Orientation yesterday held an program for the Pan African students. The programe offered first year students with an introduction to the library’s resources and services. the programme also touched on academic integrity the intrigues in the art of database searching.

Objectives of the Orientation

  • To familiarize students with the library facility, resources and services.
  • To acquaint students with basic database searching techniques.
  • To introduce students to issues of academic integrity.

Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of the Library Orientation Students should be able to:

  • Locate resources and services within the library.
  • Know where to go for assistance from the library staff.
  • Log on to library computers and search the library’s website.
  • Use the online catalog.
  • Understand what resources are located within the library.
  • Recognize issues of academic integrity.

The above outcomes are in consistent with JKUAT core values which include:

  • Teamwork- The university shall maintain a culture of teamwork to ensure synergy in the conduct of its activities.
  • Quality-The university shall always be quality driven in all its activities and operations
  • Transparency-The university will maintain a culture of transparency in dealing with staff and students and all its stakeholders.
  • Accountability-The university shall on a continuous basis enhance its accountability systems and practices.
  • Professionalism-JKUAT shall put emphasis on expertise and professionalism in the conduct of its activities and provision of service to all stakeholders.
  • Innovation- The university shall endeavour to utilize the latest, up-to-date and most appropriate technology in achieving its objectives.
  • Integrity-The university shall be honest, truthful and reliable in the provision of services to its customers.
  • Dynamism- The university shall be responsive and adjust its programmes and services to the changing national and global development needs.

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