Guide on Accessing JKUAT E-Books

Within JKUAT network i.e using university network Science Direct e-books Go to the library website by searching for JKUAT library or by going to Click on the Electronic Resources link on the menu bar at the top of the website. Select Electronic Books from the drop down menu on this link. This gives you a list of electronic books. Click on Science direct. Search for your topic. The box on the last column of the result page is marked with green lines for the books we have full access to. You also have full… Continue reading →


This is to bring to your attention that the following databases cover Mathematics 1. Annual Reviews It includes Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application 2. Cambridge University Press 3. Jstor 4. Oxford Journals (OUP) OUP includes Journal of Applied Mathematics, Journal of Management Mathematics etc 5. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Journals SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry, Journal on Applied Mathematics, Journal on Financial Mathematics, Journal on Mathematical analysis, Journal on Discrete Mathematics etc 6. Springer E-Journals and books The database gives you access to 293 journals with Mathematics content. 7…. Continue reading →


The library has subscribed to electronic books from ScienceDirect. This is a rich database of electronic books in various fields such as Agricultural and biological sciences, Biochemistry, Genetics, Molecular biology, Biomedical science, medicine and dentistry, Chemistry, Computer science and Energy, Material science and Chemical engineering. To access the e-books, 1. Google for JKUAT Library website or click here 2. Click on the Electronic Resources Link 3. Click on Electronic books 4. Click on the ScienceDirect e-Books You can also access the e-books by clicking here Please also note that you have to go through the… Continue reading →