Within JKUAT network i.e using university network Ebrary e-books Go to the library website by searching for JKUAT library or by clicking here Click on the Electronic Resources link on the menu bar at the top of the website. Select Electronic Books from the drop down menu on this link. This gives you a list of electronic books. Click on ebrary Search for your topic. Click on the link written table of contents that is given under each title information on the results page. This displays a link to the different chapters. To download the… Continue reading →


Many academic libraries are increasingly adopting the acquisition of e-books to build their collection. The advantages of e-books are potential for 24/7 access; remote access thus expanding the library boundaries; simultaneous and multiple access to the same book. With the growth in number of students and changes in mode of learning, adoption of e-books maybe the most viable option for building collections that satisfy the needs of all library users. The JKUAT library has subscribed to three databases of e-books to supplement our print collection. These are Science Direct E-Books, Springer, Taylor and Francis and… Continue reading →

Looking for books for your assignment or research?

Looking for books for your assignment or research? Try Springer electronic books Looking for books for your assignment or research? Try Springer electronic books Follow these steps for accessing the e-books from SprngerLink 1. Google for JKUAT Library Website or simply go to 2. Click on Electronic Resources Link on the the JKUAT Library home page 3. This gives you a drop down menu with Electronic Journals and books 4. Click on electronic books 5. Click on SpringerLink. This takes you to the home page of SpringerLink 6. To ensure that you get only… Continue reading →