Research, Production and Extension (RPE) Division is one of the three Divisions in the University. The Division was set up when JKUAT, then JKUCAT became a constituent College of Kenyatta University in 1987 under the headship of a Deputy Principal. In 1994 when JKUAT attained the charter to operate as a fully-fledged university, the headship changed to a Deputy Vice Chancellor.

The Division is currently headed by Prof. Mary Abukutsa- Onyango  who has a wealth of experience in research, production, extension and technology transfer activities. The current Registrar is Dr. Joseph Obwogi . The office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (RPE) coordinates the following services:

  • Research including fundraising and dissemination
  • Production and income generating activities
  • Extension and technology transfer services including shows and exhibitions
  • Linkages services including community collaboration services

The mandate of RPE is performed through various Directorates, Departments, Institutes and Centres as follows:

Research Directorate

Directorate of Research is headed by Dr. John Kinyuru.


1.To source and administer research funds.

2.To establish and maintain quality research Monitoring and Evaluation system

3.To regularly review the University research policy

4.To develop researchers’ capacity to attract funds

5. To provide a forum for researchers to share, publish and disseminate their research findings.

The directorate organizes the annual scientific conference and maintains data on all research activities in the University.

JAGST, a peer-refereed journal is also housed in Research Directorate.

Directorate of Production and Innovation headed by Prof  Willis Owino. The Directorate aims at transferring JKUAT Innovations into income-generating activities. The directorate also coordinates the income generating units (IGUs) within the university. Some of the IGUs are Farm Machinery; Livestock; Crops; Bookshop; Cafeteria; FOTEC; CPC and Engineering Workshops.

Extension and Technology Transfer Directorate  spearheads the transfer of technology developed at JKUAT to end-users. This is done through shows, exhibitions, and television programs.

University Community Collaboration Department headed by Dr. David Kagima. The Directorate is responsible for nurturing good relations between JKUAT and its neighboring communities.

Linkages Department headed by Dr. Mwikamba Kaibui. The Department coordinates all linkages activities in the university including monitoring the activities of all collaborations.

Chemistry Products Centre (CPC) headed by Dr. W. Waudo.





  • Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology (IEET) headed by Prof. J. Kamau;
  • Institute of Biotechnology Research (IBR) headed by Prof. Justus Onguso;
  • Sustainable Materials Research and Technology Centre (SMARTEC) headed by Eng. C. Kabubo;
  • Water Research and Resource Centre (WARREC) headed by Prof. Bancy Mati and
  • Sino Africa Joint Research Centre (SAJoReC) headed by Prof. R.W. Gituru.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (RPE) provides secretariat for the following Senate Committees:
i. Research, Printing, and Publications
ii. Linkages
iii. Income Generating Units
iv. Community Services
v. Tuition Farm

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