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The Food Technology Centre (FOTEC) of JKUAT was established in 2007, as an income generating unit (IGU) under the Research Production and Extension Division. The goal of FOTEC is to be a Centre in which small and micro enterprise food businesses can access technical support, practical solutions, advice and guidance on areas which are key to food business growth. This is in addition to developing JKUAT’s reputation of generating innovative and market ready food products that nutritious and of the highest quality.

The objectives of FOTEC include:
i. To produce and market specific food products and services.
ii. To facilitate further improvements of the developed, patented, or registered products
iii. To facilitate commercialization of innovation products through licensing, consultancy, or collaboration with potential investors
iv. To conduct short course training in food processing and value addition for women and youth groups, SME’S and other interested persons.

The FOTEC products are certified by the Kenya Bureau and Standards and are available for sale to the public. These include:
• Yoghurt –Strawberry and Vanilla
• Ready- to-drink juices (mango, beetroot cordial, carrot cordial, carrot- pineapple cordial, etc.)
• Jams (marmalade, mixed fruit)
• Sauces (Chili , tomato)
• Concentrated juices (passion, mango, pineapple, lemon)
• Natural Honey
• Uji bora
• Baked products (bread, scones, buns, cakes, doughnuts)
• Meat and fish products (sausages, bacon, meat loaf, smoked products)

15 thoughts on “Food Technology Centre

  1. dear sir/madam,
    i need to enrol for a short course with FOTEC
    my interest are sauces
    and meat and fish products.
    kindly send me your timetable of events for short introduction courses i.e. certificate
    i am a 60 years young farmer.

    kindly advise

    1. Dear Mr. Ngarua
      Thank you for showing interest to enroll for a short course in our institution. Kindly communicate to us early next year when we open so that we can make the necessary arrangements if you are still interested. Sorry for late response
      kind regards

    1. Dear Mr. Wanjohi ,thank you for showing interest in enrolling in our Institution,yes you will learn how make sausage if you are still interested. We will organize this early next year this is because we are breaking for holidays and most offices will be closed during this period. Kindly communicate to us early January so that we can make the necessary arrangements.
      Kind regards

  2. Sir/Madam,
    Would like to be trained on food technology. I have a small farm and I have interest to improve, add value and increase my production. Kindly assist me on how to Join Fotec.

    1. Good morning Mr. Opondo. Yes you can be trained on food technology. We are breaking for the Christmas holidays ,we shall organize once we open next year from 3rd January 2018. Kindly communicate to us early next year if you are still interested. Sorry for late response. Kind regards. Carol

  3. Hi, I would like to be trained on how to make ready to drink juices and youghurt.kindly give details.

    1. Hello, am interested in sausage production and tomatoes sauce making? How much are your charges? After the training do you help someome to get certificate/approval for the products from Kenya Bureau of standard. Hoping for hear from you. Be blessed.

      1. Thank you for showing interest in our university ,yes as I said earlier it is possible , about the KEBS , we can give a contact but not approval . thank you, in case of any other question or inquiry ,you can go ahead and ask. be blessed too

  4. Hello.
    I heard about Heliculture and was informed that you need partners for this venture. kindly guide me

    1. Hello Mr. Njeru , thank you for the inquiry , yes we have heliculture and training is ongoing , we charge Kshs. 10,000, the training takes three(3)days , we provide a certificate after training. Thank you

    1. Good morning , sorry for late response . yes you can be trained at a cost of thirty thousand shillings (Ksh. 30 000) per product (Sausage-Ksh. 30000 and tomatoes Kshs. 30 000. The training takes one week and certificate is available. Thank you

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