Dr. Mwikamba Kaibui, Director Linkages

OVERALL QUALITY OBJECTIVE: To strengthen and expand collaboration and partnership with industry and other organisations. In this regard, the directorate has been making links with different esteemed reputable institutions globally.


  1. To facilitate collaboration activities.
  2. To monitor all collaborations activities
  3. Development of collaborative documents
  4. Coordination of all collaborations
  5. Facility inspection
  6. Undertakes the core role of analysing and monitoring collaborations as well as strengthening the existing ones.

JKUAT Collaborations


  1. Collaboration with the middle level colleges has not been included in this list.
  2. The university is following the renewal of some of the collaborations which have expired.


mou Prof. Imbuga, Elizabeth and Kuria sign the partnership papers
Prof. Imbuga (right) and Mr. Manian sign the MoU between JKUAT and CyberComb. Looking on is Mr. Dash (Left) and JKUAT Director Linkages, Dr. Mwikamba Kaibui nairobi_county