Promoting Scientific Excellence as Africa-ai-Japan Stages Poster Competition

The Africa-ai-Japan Project held its annual poster competition on May 17th, 2022, where 22 researchers, who were funded by the project, showcased their work and its societal impact.

This flagship event serves as a platform for both students and staff from JKUAT to demonstrate the highest quality of scientific research.

Conceived by Chief Advisor of the Africa-ai Japan Project, Prof. Hiroshi Koaze, the poster competition has proven to be an effective outreach tool, capturing the interest of JKUAT students and young researchers who may not have previously recognized the power and benefits of such a competition.

The competition encompassed the four sub-task forces of the project, namely the innovation Centre for Bio-resources (iCB), innovation Centre for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (iCMoB), innovation Prototyping Integrated Centre (iPIC), and innovation Computing and Technological Solutions (iCCATS).

Additionally, an interdisciplinary aspect was incorporated, drawing knowledge from diverse fields such as Agriculture, Health Sciences, Engineering, and Computing and Information Technology.

During the competition, the participants had the opportunity to disseminate their research results and hone their crucial communication skills.

The Dean of the School of Food Science and Chairman of the Africa-ai-Japan Taskforce, Prof. Daniel Sila, highlighted that the competition served as a platform to engage the public at conferences and exhibitions, fostering discussions, generating new ideas, and exposing scientists to unfamiliar areas of research.

Prof. Sila further emphasized the importance of multidisciplinary collaborations and synergistic research efforts, particularly in advanced technologies related to Health, Agriculture, food preparation, manufacturing, and other relevant domains.

The one-day competition was evaluated by a distinguished panel of judges including Prof. D. Sila, Dr. D. Omondi, Dr. S. Aoki, Dr. L. Kananu, Mr. J. Gachugia, Dr. D. Kaburu, Dr. J. Ateka, Dr. J. Mutua, Dr. M. Ruthandi, Dr. G. Odhiambo, and Prof. J. Onguso.

At the culmination of the event, each participant will receive certificates of participation, and the top three performers will be recognized in a ceremony presided over by the JKUAT Vice Chancellor. This acknowledgment not only celebrates their achievements but also inspires a culture of excellence in research within the JKUAT community.

The researchers explaining innovation projects during the poster competition

(Posted by Esther Ndiwa)