Dr. Eng. Hiram Ndiritu, the Chairperson of iPIC Sub-Taskforce Appointed Washington Accord Assessor

Dr. Eng. Hiram Ndiritu in his Office

The Engineering Board of Kenya (EBK) has appointed Dr. Eng. Hiram Ndiritu, Principal of the College of Engineering and Technology and also the Chairperson of the iPIC sub-taskforce, as a Washington Accord Assessor. This prestigious role signifies a significant milestone for engineering education not only in JKUAT but entirely in Kenyan and positions the country on the path to international recognition for its engineering programs.

As a Washington Accord Assessor, Dr. Eng. Ndiritu will undertake the responsibility of evaluating local engineering programs according to the high standards set by the Washington Accord. This influential position not only ensures adherence to global benchmarks but also provides valuable guidance to universities in Kenya striving to align their engineering programs with international standards.

The Washington Accord, an international agreement among professional engineering bodies, fosters mutual recognition of engineering qualifications and facilitates the mobility of engineering graduates across participating countries. Currently, South Africa stands as the sole signatory of the International Engineering Alliance in Africa. However, with Dr. Eng. Ndiritu’s appointment and the potential inclusion of Kenya into the Washington Accord, an extraordinary opportunity emerges for Kenyan engineering programs to gain global recognition.

Dr. Eng. Ndiritu enthusiastically expressed his sentiments regarding this new role, stating, “With South Africa being the only signatory of the International Engineering Alliance, this will be a great opportunity for Kenya to join the alliance, resulting in the recognition of Kenyan engineering programs at the international level.” He emphasized that membership in the Washington Accord would enable Kenyan graduates to enjoy enhanced mobility, empowering them to pursue professional opportunities and further studies abroad with greater ease.

By aligning local engineering programs with the Washington Accord standards, Kenyan universities ensure that their graduates meet the requirements for global competency. This alignment not only enhances the quality of engineering education in Kenya but also reinforces the country’s reputation as a hub for skilled professionals in the engineering field.

Moreover, Dr. Eng. Ndiritu’s involvement in streamlining the link between the EBK and Kenyan universities seeking Washington Accord accreditation will undoubtedly facilitate a smoother and more efficient process. Leveraging his expertise and knowledge, he will guide universities through the requirements and expectations set by the Washington Accord, ultimately leading to successful accreditation.

The appointment of Dr. Eng. Ndiritu as a Washington Accord Assessor serves as a testament to his exceptional expertise and contributions to the field of engineering education. It also underscores the EBK’s commitment to promoting excellence and ensuring the international recognition of Kenyan engineering programs.

As Kenya takes proactive steps toward aligning its engineering education with global standards, the benefits will extend beyond individual graduates. The nation as a whole stands to gain from an enhanced reputation, increased opportunities for collaboration with international institutions, and the ability to attract global talent.

With Dr. Eng. Ndiritu at the helm, the future of Kenyan engineering education appears promising, not only locally but globally. As he diligently assesses and advises on engineering programs, he will play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of engineering education in Kenya and establishing a firm foundation for its integration into the global engineering community.